Data Governance: Embracing Security and Privacy

Data Governance: Embracing Security and Privacy


Reduce Risk, Ensure Customer Data Privacy

The proliferation of marketing technologies, an expansion in the use of private customer data and a rapid shift in the global privacy environment (GDPR and EU-US Privacy Shield, for example) are creating an increasingly vulnerable environment with harsh penalties for non-compliance.

  • Key Implications of New Legislation & Data Risks – What you need to know about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other regulations before defining your data security and privacy strategy
  • Functional Solutions to Address These New Realities – How technology (and Tealium) can help address the new marketplace reality
  • Data Governance Checklist – Actionable 5-step plan for balancing Customer Experience with Privacy & Security

The first step towards compliance is education, before ultimately enacting a plan enabled by tools, technology and processes that mitigate the very real, and very expensive, costs of vulnerable data.